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Cyber Range

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The cyber security research group is located in the AIT Center for Digital Safety & Security. A team of internationally recognized experts is working on the latest cybersecurity technologies to protect our digital systems against the increasing cyber threats. In addition to security by design, new encryption technologies and artificial intelligence, a central focus is also on the operation of a modern cyber training center. In this "Cyber Range" at AIT, protection and defense measures as well as operational processes can be tested and trained. In this way, both technological aspects are supported in the course of the training of cyber experts, as well as operational skills are developed effectively and practically. Thus, the Cyber Range helps to increase the resilience of critical IT infrastructures in the light of the growing cyber threats on our digital and globally interconnected IT platforms.

AIT´s Cyber Range - an IT training and simulation platform

The Cyber Range IT training and simulation platform is used to share a comprehensively necessary knowledge in the cybersecurity sector with different actors such as  industry, critical infrastructure providers, research and the public sector.

The Cyber Range serves as a virtual environment for the flexible simulation of critical digital IT systems with different system components and user structures. It provides a secure and realistic environment for analyzing and testing incidents in different, scalable scenarios without the use of the genuine production systems of stakeholders. Thus, it is possible to test and validate security measures, verify the resilience of different IT architectures  as well as to train different security processes in the enterprise, and specific incident response processes for cyber incidents in in realistic application scenarios to support security by design approaches for real world IT deployments and ensure consistent IT operations for highest cyber security resilience.

Due to its flexible architecture, the Cyber Range can be used for a variety of applications in a variety of configurations - for digital industrial control systems, digital networks and critical infrastructures. Especially the growing challenge of harmonizing the IT with the OT world in our critical infrastructure operations in terms of awareness, understanding and combined designed incident response processes needs advanced simulation and training capabilities. This allows research, as well as industry, network operators and public actors, to work on the design, implementation and validation of new methods, technologies and processes in realistic environments in order to achieve a higher level of security to increase the resilience against the growing threat of cyber attacks.