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Cyber-Physical Systems

Critical infrastructures, such as those for energy supply, emergency services and critical manufacturing, are being increasingly digitalized. This digitalization brings many benefits but introduces the potential for cyber-attacks that could affect the operation of the critical infrastructure. To address this issue, new approaches are required that go beyond what is typically required for information security.

AIT works on novel concepts, algorithms and systems that aim to address the increasingly complex cyber-physical nature of critical infrastructures, including approaches to risk assessment, machine learning, causal analysis, and secure architecture specification. For each of these, we take into consideration the characteristics of the physical system, such as an energy distribution network or manufacturing process, and the relationship with its cyber counterpart. Our research findings provide direct input to the training and exercise offering to our key partners.


Challenges/Key Questions

  • Understand the increasingly sophisticated threat to critical infrastructures and how they could result in operational consequences
  • Examining the risks associated with the digitalization of critical infrastructures, with a focus on understanding the consequences of an attack and its effect on operations
  • How to design systems that are secure and resilient, such that they are aligned with international security standards and best practice guidelines
  • Developing effective approaches to detecting the consequences of cyber-attacks that have the intention of sabotaging the behaviour of physical processes
  • Building systems and algorithms – based on artificial intelligence – that can be used to, e.g., infer the root cause of events that are generated by distributed (security) sensors in a critical infrastructure
  • Analyzing the risks associated with new forms of attack that aim to subvert the effectiveness of machine learning algorithms for critical infrastructure applications

Further Material

Project IRENE from oliju on Vimeo.