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Cryptography is the foundational building block for achieving strong security and privacy guarantees for trustworthy and future-proof information and communication technologies.

Today, the world is more connected than ever before. Computing paradigms such as Cloud Computing or and the Internet of Things (IoT) are ubiquitous, and have entirely changed the way we communicate and process data. Huge amounts of potentially sensitive data now leave classicaltraditional security perimeters and to beare processed and accessed by multiple, different (untrusted) entities, potentially in an ad-hoc fashion. Cryptography is the foundational technology required toTo achieve strong security and privacy guarantees., cryptography is the foundational technology.

Many of the cryptographic schemes used today were not designed with the functionality and the security requirements in mind thatassociated  come along with tomorrow’s information and communication technologies of the futurein mind. Cryptography which is capable to of securinge modern communication scenarios needs to consider many novel issues, be flexible enough to work aton both ends of the spectrum, i.e., resource- constrained IoT devices as well as cloud-powered services, and needs to consider more recent aspects such as security in the presence of powerful quantum computers. AIT works on the foundations and applications of cryptographic methods to build secure and future-proof information and communication technologies.

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