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CAIS Cyber Attack Information System

Distributed ICT systems are everywhere today, and these systems are getting ever more complex. In the future, it will no longer be possible to ensure security in these systems with conventional methods. Thus, we work on new approaches and technologies to be able to implement security aspects efficiently in the ICT systems of the future.

In recent years, the Internet has rapidly developed into a massive economic activity field, unfortunately also for illegal businesses. The exploitation of weak points in ICT systems is now a profitable business model. In the research area Cyber Attack Information System (CAIS), AIT experts are working on new safety technologies such as novel techniques for the detection of anomalies, methods for the organization-wide exchange of information about cyber incidents to better protect against cyber attacks and innovative tools for an efficient analysis of the current threat situation as well as for risk and threat analysis. The goal: to strengthen the resilience of today's networked systems and to increase their availability and trustworthiness.