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PARIS (PrivAcy pReserving Infrastructure for Surveillance) will define and demonstrate a methodological approach for the development of a surveillance infrastructure which enforces the right of citizens for privacy, justice, and freedom.

It takes into account the evolving nature of such rights, e.g. aspects that are acceptable today might not be acceptable in the future, and the social and anthropological nature of such rights, e.g. the perception of such rights varies.

The methodological approach will be based on two pillars:

  • a theoretical framework which balances surveillance with privacy/data protection and fully integrates the concept of accountability.
  • a process for the design of surveillance systems which takes into account privacy from the start.


  • Project start: January 2013
  • Project duration: 3 years
  • Budget: approximately 4.7 million EUR.
  • Funding: funded by EU with 3.4 million EUR.
  • Coordination: Trialog
  • Partner: Trialog (France), INRIA (France), KU Leuven (Belgium), Universidad de Malaga (Spain), Université de Namur (Belgium),Thales (France), Visual Tools (Spain)

A detailed description about the PARIS Project, is available for download on the right.

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