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FastPass – A harmonized, modular reference system for all European automatic border crossing points

FastPass will establish and demonstrate a harmonized, modular approach for Automated Border Control (ABC) gates. Border control is a major challenge for security and mobility within the EU. Travellers request a minimum delay and a speedy border crossing, while Border Guards must fulfil their obligation to secure the EUs borders against illegal immigration and other threats. Fastpass will serve both demands at the same time to keep security at the highest level while increasing the speed and the comfort for all legitimate travellers at all border control points aiming at a minimum of privacy intrusion.

The development of a harmonized ABC gate will be accomplished with continuous end-user involvement. The entire innovation process, from components development to the final design of the user interface, will continuously be evaluated by the two end user groups, travellers and border guards. Compliance with European societal values and citizens’ rights is central to the acceptance of the developed technologies, and will accompany the development and end-user interaction throughout the project.

Ethics, privacy and data protection measures will be governed by an external privacy advisory board. All research activities where person related data is involved are subject to prior authorization/notification by the national data protection authorities according to national regulations.

The FastPass ABC process will be designed to address the requirements of security and speed and convenience with equal emphasis. One aspect of a speedy border crossing by legitimate travellers is a harmonised user interface. This will allow frequent travellers from Europe and third country states to pass through an ABC with minimum delay, using the full potential of ID documents. Improved traveler identification technologies, such as new biometric modules will increase the security of the ABC process and minimize spoofing.

A demonstration and evaluation at all types of border (air, land and sea) will be implemented in at least three different member states. FastPass will develop a reference architecture for ABC gates, and will pursue a European initiative for a global standard in ABC technology.

FastPass brings together key players of the entire ABC value chain - system and component producers, research institutions, governmental authorities, data protection authorities and end-users.


  • Project start: January 2013
  • Project duration: 4 years
  • Funding: EU FP-7 Security
  • Coordinator: AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
  • Partner: 27 partners