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One in four potential buyers/users of autonomous vehicles in Europe does not trust them to be safe and secure and are reluctant to buy one. This lack of trust is an enormous challenge for European OEMs aiming to remain competitive, global market leaders, even more so with newcomers such as Google and Apple entering their market. SECREDAS focuses on making huge advances in cybersecurity and safe technology for connected and automated vehicles. The technology SECREDAS envisions could be of use not only for automated systems in the automotive domain, but also in the rail and health sectors.

The overriding goal of SECREDAS is to propose a significant and innovative solution for the safety, security, and privacy of automated systems. This solution will include a reference architecture, powerful components, and common approaches to integration and verification in the automotive, health and rail sectors for which automation is a major challenge with respect to operational safety, personal security, and citizens’ privacy. Therefore it is essential to combine high security with privacy protection, while preserving safety and operational performance. SECREDAS will be taking a first important step into developing trust-building components and (sub)systems for the European industries of tomorrow.


  • Project start: May 2018
  • Project duration: 3 years
  • Project costs: approx. EUR 51.5 million
  • Funding: EU-funding of approx. EUR 14.83 million
  • Coordination: NXP Semiconductors
  • Partners: 69 Partner from 15 countries