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ARCHISTAR is a FFG-funded research project which aims to develop trustworthy and secure archiving systems for storing sensitive information at partially-trusted external service providers. ARCHISTAR is based on a distributed structure and the consistent use of cryptographically secure procedures. This combination makes it possible to securely store private information in a storage pool for a long time without violating data integrity or reliability, and ensures a high degree of robustness, error tolerance and availability. The data are split into individual parts using secret sharing methods, and stored in different storage nodes. A sufficient number of parts is required to read the data. The individual storage node has no information about the data stored in it and thus cannot corrupt the overall system. A storage pool based on the ARCHISTAR principle thus securely protects data against external and internal attacks, unlike most systems that provide protection only against external attacks.


  • Project start: October 2011
  • Project duration: 2.5 years
  • Budget: approximately EUR 600,000.
  • Coordination: AIT
  • Partner: Graz University of Technology and Datentechnik Innovation GmbH