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Aside from official requirements, there is a growing need for the measurement of environmental and climate factors in an industrial context (construction sites, chemical and manufacturing industries, etc.), in safety and security relevant areas, and in the private customer segment (e.g. ecological urban routing). For years AIT has been developing high-quality sensor networks which help to obtain statistically meaningful data, to apply appropriate (e.g. certified) sensors, to process data according to industrial sector and region and evaluate them on request.

With many years’ experience, AIT has developed the UWEDAT sensor solution, a robust but flexible high-performance system which is continually updated with the latest findings from our scientific work. UWEDAT is the only solution that meets the requirements of both a stationary, certified, fit-for-purpose solution and a modern toolbox, and which is also open for other industries, other measurement hardware, and the integration of area data. Consequently, AIT is continually working to “hybridise” UWEDAT measurement methodology for integration of additional data from mobile area sensors and satellite data.

Use Case 1: Air & water quality measurements

Background: Air and water quality is in the public interest and must be precisely measured and documented according to European regulations.

Solution: As a flexible modular system, UWEDAT enables almost all certified environment and climate sensors to be integrated in a wide variety of countries, and can use a single solution to monitor both water and air and to report the results in accordance with an organisation's specific requirements. Tools for threshold monitoring, data controls, maintenance support, calibration, administration and auditing ensure optimal process integration in various organisations and their reporting mechanisms.


  • UWEDAT has been used for many years for measuring air and water quality in several Austrian provinces, for Umweltbundesamt (Environment Agency Austria), in Switzerland (in cooperation) and in other national and international installations (e.g. Bulgaria, Indonesia).
  • Existing environmental measurement networks are continuously being expanded by integrating UWEDAT tools for maintenance/operation, calibration, etc. (e.g. Dresden

Use Case 2: Monitoring construction sites & demolition work

Background: The legal specifications for construction site monitoring are becoming increasingly strict – verifiable, certified and flexible measurement techniques and reporting functions are required, particularly for major projects.

Solution: The proven and precise UWEDAT measurement system is used to undertake and seamlessly document site-specific and certified analyses of dust, noise, and other contaminants. Threshold violations can be directly integrated into construction site management.

References: Environmental analysis (Niederösterreichische Umweltanalytik, NUA) for the Brenner Base Tunnel

Use Case 3: Smart Mobility (research prototype)

Background: In order to reduce pollution for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians, and to make transport more ecologically friendly, a shift away from predominantly time and distance-oriented routing algorithms is required to enable intelligent traffic management.

Solution: By augmenting the stationary UWEDAT measurement system with flexible IoT platforms, it is possible to set up comprehensive air quality models for route planning calculations.

In a further setting, intelligent traffic control is supplied with precise UWEDAT air quality data taken directly from the area surrounding a motorway in order to respond to pollution levels by applying dynamic traffic control measures.

Intelligent route control: field tests in Vienna, Zagreb, Porto with around 60 test users
Intelligent traffic control: sensor data for the regional government of Upper Austria for pollution-based speed control on the A1 motorway

Our services

  • Contract research and targeted development
  • Consulting on solutions and services for sensor networks
  • Marketing of existing UWEDAT solution or modules – e.g. maintenance and calibration tool, robust station computer, high-performance host system (time series engine), hardware components
    -) Integration into existing measurement networks or reporting tools
    -) Operation and maintenance support for sensor networks

Our solutions

  • UWEDAT sensor network with modular hardware and software (flexible sensor use, robust station computer, high-performance host system)
  • Measurement solutions for monitoring air and water quality, electromagnetic contamination, CBRN substances, etc.
  • Flexible adjustment to different sectors, e.g. industrial applications, construction industry and plant engineering, transport, urban planning, hazard and terrorism monitoring (e.g. CBRN) and classical air/water quality measurements
  • Automatic threshold management and dynamic data analysis (FORMULA query language; interface to office or analysis tools)
  • Appropriate tools (calibration, maintenance, administration, audit, export) for systematic process support