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IoT - Sensor Network Management

AIT has been working in the field of IoT Sensor Network Management for years, developing technologies which allow environmental, climate and ambient parameters to be measured, analysed and understood in order to subsequently determine suitable measures for improving safety, health, environment or the climate. As sensor networks become increasingly digitalised and integrated into Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, AIT is researching new methods and technologies for a wide variety of applications.

In the field of (IoT) Sensor Network Management, AIT is working to develop information-driven methods for the systematic measurement and analysis of environmental parameters and climate factors.


  • Professional environmental measurement networks with stationary measuring stations
  • Mobile (IoT, drones, satellites, etc.) and hybrid measurement networks
  • Dispersion model for environmental pollutants based on different measurement methods
  • Statistical data processing and visualisation
  • Emission modelling (emission inventory) and analysis
  • Scenario-based analysis of potentials for improvement and recommendation of relevant measures
  • Compliance with national requirements (law, standards, regulations) for environmental measurements and climate monitoring, e.g. ÖNORM
  • Integration of sensor networks in organisational processes


  • Public environmental and climate monitoring for compliance with statutory requirements (emission measurement and inventories, immission measurement)
  • Construction site monitoring (dust, noise, etc.)
  • Industry (dust, noise, contamination, e.g. chemical substances)
  • Safety critical sectors (e.g. in terms of flooding, avalanches, forest fires, hazard potentials and attack vectors)
  • Transport (e.g. intelligent route planning, pollution-based traffic control on roads and motorways)
  • Urban planning

Our services

  • (Contract) research and targeted development
  • Consulting on solutions and services for the deployment of information technologies in sensor networks
  • Complete solution for immission measurements (acquisition and customisation)
  • Complete solution and full service for emission modelling

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