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Community Interaction & Engagement

In the field of Community Interaction & Engagement, AIT is developing new technologies which offer new and digital ways of involving the civilian population in crisis situations. The smart application of technology significantly facilitates direct communication and the exchange of information between emergency services and the general population. It is also important to use new technologies to effectively request assistance from volunteers to support rescue organisations, fire services, and authorities, for example in reporting damage, providing neighbourhood assistance, citizen science, etc.

In the field of Community Interaction & Engagement, AIT is researching and developing integrated and customised solutions designed to meet the following objectives:

  • Improved interaction with volunteers and the civilian population
  • Consideration of the skills and preferences of volunteers and their geolocation
  • Acquisition of structured local data with geoinformation (e.g. local citizens reporting damage caused by mudslides) which can be integrated into a situation map
  • Increasing awareness of hazardous situations and places (e.g. direct communication between emergency services and the local population)

AIT pays particular attention to the needs of key stakeholders such as emergency services, fire services, public authorities, etc., easy integration of civilian volunteers (usability, broad impact, etc.) and applying new technologies to network with existing solutions.

Our services

  • (Contract) research and targeted development
  • Consulting on solutions and services for the deployment of information technologies in volunteer management and coordination of emergency services
  • Provision of existing tools for volunteer management or data collection

Our solutions