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A networked understanding of the hazards and challenges of crisis and disaster situations is essential in order to protect employees, local residents, and the environment. The actions taken must involve the population and take preventative measures into account. As growing quantities of data become available it becomes both increasingly important and challenging to establish a comprehensive and reliable overview of a situation based on an extremely diverse range of data sources.

Against this background, AIT has established decades of experience in researching, developing and applying professional solutions in the field of Crisis & Disaster Management. Its priorities lie in:

  • (IoT) Sensor Network Management for point measurements (station), distance/area measurements (satellites, drones), and hybrid application scenarios such as environmental protection, climate change, and the detection of hazardous substances,
  • Command & Control Systems including interoperability between both civilian and civilian & military systems (dual use) with the goal of creating a common operational picture,
  • Community Interaction & Engagement, involving volunteers in caring for refugees, or during flooding, for example,

and networking these components to create an overall analytical view of the situation.