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Flame Resistant Magnesium Alloys

Up to now, the applicability of magnesium alloys was limited due to its light flammability. Reason therefore is the oxidation tendency of the alloys. In a research project, LKR scientists managed it to develop magnesium alloys, which show the capability to self-extinguish in case of a fire.

  • Increased flammability resistance and good mechanical properties
  • Flammability resistance certified acc. to the Federal Aviation Administration
  • Remarkable cheaper than alloys with comparable flame resistance
  • Processability in various casting processes (e.g. high pressure die casting, Thixomolding)

before: magnesiumalloys AZ91 and AM60

three pictures side by side of the different firing phases of magnesium: glowing, smoking, burning

afterwards: addition of calcium and yttrium

Three pictures side by side trying to light fire-resistant magnesium: melts only slightly, does not start to burn


Passed flammability test according to FAA:

FAA Aircraft Materials Fire Test Handbook, Chapter 25; Oil Burner Flammability Test for Magnesium Alloy Seat Structure


table of certification
commercial airplane seats next to one another


  • Arm- and backrests of aircraft seats

  • Housings and covers of aircraft engines