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Image picture of neurons

Source localization

The AIT source localization “EpiSource” builds up on the two modules for seizure and spike detection and allows a quick source detection of spikes and ictal EEG activity. The big problem of current solutions for source localization is the extreme complexity of the available software, which only allows specialists to obtain correct results. The AIT source localization enables, for the first time, also the non-expert to apply the innovative method of source localization in the clinic. To a large extend “EpiSource”  goes without user interaction. The seamless integration with the seizure detection “EpiScan” and the spike detection “EpiScan” facilitates the fully automatic workflow. Beside the preliminary analysis of the EEG data thus also the result of the source localization for all detected seizures and interictal discharges is available for the diagnosing physician immediately after the recording. 

Reference projects

  • „Central Nervous System Imaging“, supported by the European Union
  • „High-throughput production of functional 3D images of the brain“, supported by the European Union