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Symbolfoto: Das AIT ist Österreichs größte außeruniversitäre Forschungseinrichtung

Biosensor Technologies

AIT’s BioSensor Technologies group is developing novel Smell Sensors (TEDx: The Future of Smell Digitization; Smell Sensing 2.0) for industrial and research applications. Following a biomimetic approach, we adapt nature’s olfactory process and apply it to our novel bioelectronic sensor platforms. In our multinational and interdisciplinary team, we have united researchers from different fields such as chemistry, biology, physics and electrical engineering to tackle this complex challenge.

We are currently working on an optoelectronic sensor platform which is combining the advantages of modern electronic biosensor (OFET) such as low-cost, high-sensitivity and electronic read-out with the more established and reliable optical biosensors (SPR). To further increase sensor performance and specificity, we express and purify olfactory proteins for use as next generation biorecognition units. Finally, we employ artificial membrane technology on the sensor’s surface in order to embed even more sensitive olfactory receptors in order to further increase sensitivity and mimic the amplification cascade of the olfactory process.


Since our group is expanding we are looking for motivated young researchers from different scientific fields such as chemistry, physics, biology, electrical- and software engineering who should exhibit in-depth knowledge in their respective area, are highly motivated and can work independently in an outstanding and stimulating scientific environment.