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Innovative 3D sensor systems open up a wealth of new applications in the areas of transport (assistance systems, autonomous systems), industrial automation, inspection and monitoring. In this connection there is a need to solve fundamental problems such as

•    3D reconstruction of the environment
•    obstacle detection and object recognition
•    precise measurement of objects
•    self-localisation of the sensor system
•    path and movement planning

reliably, fast and efficiently, using comparatively inexpensive image processing technology. To this end, algorithms for stereoscopic image processing are developed and optimised for efficient performance in real-time environments.

Another core competence is the platform-optimised implementation of such computer vision methods on energy-efficient embedded systems. Assistive & Autonomous Systems comprises a broad portfolio of research projects focusing on specific topics.

We focus on the following innovations and research topics: 
•    Autonomous Land Vehicles
•    Airborne Vision
•    Measuring the World