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Screen on which the floor plan of a house can be seen and various setting options, in front of it a person with tablet

User Interfaces

mobile devices on top of eachother

The interface to the user is a key factor for the success of AAL solutions. The user interfaces developed at AIT can be operated intuitively, thus facilitating interaction with assistance systems and increasing their usability and acceptance. The designated device can be a computer or a television, a mobile phone or a multitouch table with integrated screen. In its efforts to help older people overcome their reluctance to use new technologies, AIT is piloting innovative communication channels.

Research Services

  • Investigation and evaluation of new user interface concepts
  • Use of photorealistic avatars to enhance the acceptance of AAL technologies
  • Integration of existing user interfaces into middleware platforms
  • Development of new NFC (Near Field Communication) technologies for the intuitive interaction with AAL and eHealth systems