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Driving behaviour and acoustic perception of electric vehicles

e-vehicle measurement

The drivEkustik project, funded by the Austrian Road Safety Fund (VSF), investigated the driving behaviour and acoustic perception of electric vehicles. The aim of the first work package of this study was to compare the acoustic perception of electric vehicles with that of internal combustion vehicles, especially for unprotected road users such as visually impaired persons. The aim was to detect possible differences in order to identify potential risks to road traffic at an early stage from an acoustic point of view. For the investigation, controlled passages and parking manoeuvres on suitable test tracks were acoustically recorded and metrologically analysed. The focus of the investigation was on the determination of the acoustic perception times by an acoustic test. For this purpose, background noises from representative locations were recorded that could impair the acoustic perception of vehicles. From this generated recording portfolio, reproducible traffic situations were simulated acoustically in the laboratory and played to test subjects. A binaural measuring system was used to achieve the most realistic recording and reproduction possible.

This project was funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit) within the framework of the Road Safety Fund.