AVC-1, AVC-4: Advanced Video Codecs

Embedded MPEG-4, H.264 encoding/decoding/streaming platforms (based on DSPs DM642, DM648)

Critical content detector

Software demo for detection of Swastika (or other) logos and nudity in images

Encoding and Streaming Software

Architecture and framework (LINUX) for video surveillance (based on DM368)

Indoor Localisation

A demo on an android mobile and a PC server where images are taken by the mobile and the server calculates the position and viewing direction of the user

MEP multimedia processing evaluation module

Q7 embedded multicore hardware (based on DM8148) and software (board support package)


Library that can be used for tracking a single object in a video stream

People detector

Software demo to detect people in AVI files or RTP video streams.

Text Detector

Software Demo for finding text regions in images

Video Archive Search Manager 1.2

A highly configurable prototype that allows to search for objects, movements and similarities in video archives; Processing speed is 100 times faster than real time

Video Exploration Toolset

New generic concept and successor of Video Archive Search Manager; prototype of connected REST based analysis services for video archive investigations