Visual Surveillance and Insight

Airports and subway stations are equipped with numerous cameras in order to provide enhanced security for passengers in crowded locations. Intelligent vision technologies constitute an essential pillar for innovative safety and security solutions.

Our research objective is to develop camera-network based large-scale visual awareness in order to enhance security in public spaces and infrastructures. To achieve this we focus on the following core topics:

AIT experts in this research field work in close collaboration with video component and security solution suppliers as well as with infrastructure operators and administrative authorities such as the Austrian Ministry of the Interior. Furthermore, there are close links to the work of other Centers within AIT, the Center for Mobility Systems in particular. 

Social aspects and privacy protection play a primary role to render these technologies acceptable for the society. For example, user surveys of public transportation systems suggest that the overwhelming majority of passengers are in favor of technologies such as video surveillance for enhanced security. However, it is essential that the public has clear information on how these systems and the resulting data are used.

Please find a show case containing a summary of our current research activities here:

2D3D Flow and Scene Analysis