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Monitoring of Critical Infrastructure

a grey bridge that stands on a lot of pillers.

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology has considerable expertise as well as highly sophisticated equipment for measuring these vibrations and creating concepts with the relevant threshold values. During the construction of roads or railway lines in particular, resulting vibrations can frequently have a negative effect on adjacent buildings and their users.Constant monitoring throughout the building project ensures smooth progress for both the infrastructure operator and the residents, since any transgression of the vibration threshold values can be responded to immediately by making relevant adjustments to the project.

Vibration monitoring of buildings

  • Vibration monitoring of buildings
  • Preservation of evidence through permanent measuring points
  • Accompanying engineering during building projects

Bridge monitoring of the 2nd generation

Essential infrastructure can be observed by using bridge monitoring system to support maintenance and repair decision.AIT has developed special sensor networks for direct installation on bridges. This involves a combination of various measuring techniques, using newly developed deterministic and probabilistic analysis algorithms. Furthermore, numerical methods are used for status monitoring, taking into account environmental influences (e.g. temperature model). This allows any damage to be identified and rectified in the early stages, thereby optimising the life cycle costs of bridge construction work.

  • Bridge monitoring and status analysis
  • Model updating
  • Structural health monitoring
  • Sensor networksMeasuring of material stresses caused by traffic and temperature
  • Assessment of load history – probabilistic analysis algorithms
  • Documentation of dynamic axle loads
  • Degradation and fatigue prognoses