Cutting edge expertise in thermal energy systems

The AIT Energy Department develops innovative solutions for heat pumps, thermal stores and solar thermal systems in partnership with our customers. We open up new applications for these sustainable energy technologies and offer a wide service portfolio in research, systems integration, accredited laboratory measurements and certified training.


Our services

  • Research and development in the field of innovative renewable heating and cooling (RHC) technologies with a focus on heat pumps, solar thermal systems and thermal stores:
    • Heat pumps using alternative refrigerants
    • High-temperature heat pumps for application in industry, district heating and cooling
    • Innovative air-water heat pumps for urban areas
    • Thermal stores based on new storage materials (e.g. PCM)
    • Heat exchangers for innovative thermal stores
    • Solar thermal collectors for temperature ranges >100 °C
  • Systems integration concepts for RHC technologies with a focus on industry, district heating and cooling, buildings
  • Accredited performance and functional tests for heat pumps, solar collectors and thermal stores – including EHPA quality label, NF PAC certification, Solar Keymark
  • Noise and acoustic measurements on heat pumps
  • Accredited thermophysical analysis in a temperature range from -160 to 1600°C and thermokinetic modelling and simulation
  • Certified training courses – heat pump installer (including safe handling of refrigerants), solar heating installer, solar heating practitioner, comfort ventilation engineer


Your benefit

  • Guaranteed performance and reliability of heat pumps, solar collectors and thermal stores
  • Highly efficient heat exchangers for heat pumps and thermal stores
  • Optimal integration of renewable energy systems into buildings, industrial processes, district heating and cooling networks
  • Training of highly skilled experts in planning and installation