Sustainable energy for industrial processes

Given growing concerns about security of supply and scarcity of resources, sustainable energy sources are gaining increasing significance for industrial enterprises. The AIT Energy Department is developing solutions designed to enhance energy efficiency and promote the use of alternative energy sources in industry, thus supporting companies in implementing efficient, low-emission production processes.


Our services

  • Measurement and analysis of energy data at different process levels
  • Support in the integration of heat pumps and thermal stores in industrial processes and development of optimized operating and control strategies
  • Development of detailed process models for use in process development optimization
  • Improvisation transparency of operation based on energy management systems and simulation-based process monitoring
  • Prototype development and experimental testing at pilot scale using realistic infrastructure and industrial control technology


Your benefits

  • Increased cost effectiveness due to optimized and flexible operation
  • Improved energy performance indicators through integration of heat pumps and thermal stores into industrial processes
  • Achieving environmental goals through increased energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources
  • Higher efficiency through utilisation of waste heat potentials or integration into district heating and cooling networks 
  • Feasibility studies for novel innovative thermal components and operating strategies