The body structure (body-in-white) of modern vehicles is lightweight but rigid. Whereas the chassis used to account for more than half of the vehicle's weight some 15 years ago, this figure has now sunk to below 20% in the last few years. At the same time, the structure is required to be more and more rigid owing to an increase in overall vehicle weight.

This requires the use of large castings, including in those areas which come under heavy loads during an accident. The production of such parts necessitates casting methods capable of increasing component quality and ensuring high-quality heat-treatable and weldable castings. The Department works closely with industry partners on the development of new and the improvement of existing casting methods, which are regarded as an overall process, ranging from smelting to the processed product.

Our services:

  • Support with aspects of die casting:
    • Casting defects
    • Process optimisation (efficiency, quality, etc.)
    • Magnesium die casting (alloy, inert gases and release agent)
  • High-grade casting methods such as Squeeze Casting, New Rheocasting (semi-solid material, etc.)
  • Composite casting of different materials such as Al-Mg, Al-Al and Al-Fe
  • Improvements in low-pressure casting