There has to be a close link to material development and structural design for processes to be adequately adapted both to costumer requirements and the constraints of the material.

The Center's considerable experience in material technology in relation to the light metals aluminium and magnesium forms the basis for optimum process solutions for project partners and customers. The focus is on processes for casting and forming, treated by means of numerical process simulation methods and validated by complementary experiments.

LKR is currently investing in a range of equipment intended to improve the process infrastructure considerably while also forming the basis for a thorough understanding of processes. LKR also has appropriate testing facilities which allow metallurgical processes and any downstream heat treatment to be understood.

Our Services:

  • Development and Improvement of Casting Processes

  • Evaluation and Optimisation of Forming Technologies

  • Comprehensive Process Simulation Technologies

  • Process Evaluation and Optimisation of External Product Lines

  • Validation and Prototyping

  • Material and Component Testing

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