Smart Metering rollout support

Intermediate evaluation of Smart Meter rollout programs
Our experts assist in the evaluation of Smart Meter pilot projects and the preparation of a rollout.

  • Customer segment selection for a further Smart Meter implementation
  • Standard based, scalable ICT architecture design for a rollout
  • Analysis of smart meter pilot data and results

Pre-field integration tests
The AIT SmartEST laboratory offers the possibility to model complete low voltage grids or network sections up to 1 MW load or generation.

  • Integration tests with Gateways, PV inverters, home energy management systems and storage systems
  • Verification of multi-device, smart home and prosumer use cases

Security & privacy of Smart Meter data
New framework conditions and legislation on a European level require stakeholders in the Smart Grid area to prepare their security processes.

  • Data protection impact assessment
  • Compliance assessment for incident reporting, e.g. NIS directive, COM(2013) 48

Advanced Smart Meter functionalities
Advanced smart meter functionalities support monitoring and cand control to optimize network utilization

  • Network monitoring and load forecasting using smart meters
  • Meter data handling and processing for network operation support
  • Support of power quality analysis and renewable integration