Distribution system operation services

Monitoring data analysis and visualization
Our experts can get the most out of available monitoring data

  • Power Quality measurement and network data analysis for grid planning and operation
  • Solutions for system state visualization
  • Smart Meter data analysis for grid planning and operation

Design of ICT solutions for grid operation
The growing importance of ICT in network operation asks for strong ICT competences.

AIT supports with:

  • Control architecture design and validation
  • Voltage control concepts
  • Support in evaluating communication network technologies

Distribution Management System (DMS) purchase
We provide independent support to select a DMS system which fits your needs

  • Support in listing the requirements for DMS systems
  • Market analysis of DMS solutions
  • Independent consulting in the technology selection process

Smart Secondary Substations
AIT supports providers of control solutions with cutting edge digital analytics and control designs, as well as substation vendors and grid operators with component-vendor-neutral designs of cost-effective, secure and interoperable automation systems in secondary substations.

  • Ready-to-apply AIT technology
  • Development support
  • Vendor-independent reference designs
  • IT security support
  • Training and seminars