Energy management and decision support systems for energy positive neighbourhoods

EEPOS is a research and development project aiming to put into effect the idea of energy positive neighbourhoods. The EEPOS consortium develops tools for energy optimization and end user involvement to improve the management of energy generation and consumption on the neighbourhood level.The main idea is to develop technologies and business models that will support energy trading in the neighbourhood. Business models will enable a win-win situation between the stakeholders of the electricity and heat trading chains. Information platform with user interfaces for different stakeholders plays a key role in stimulating users to reduce energy consumption without compromising comfort.The new EEPOS services will be transparent for both customers as well as providers and allow benefit sharing between them. This will improve customers’ information basis to make decisions on energy consumption. The raising of awareness on energy consumption will reduce users’ energy costs and reduce energy peaks in the grid. The developed energy management and decision support systems will be validated in two demonstration field tests in Espoo, Finland and Langenfeld, Germany. Furthermore, a complementary simulation based virtual demonstration study will be carried out for the municipality of Asparrena in Spain. Within the frame of the demonstration tests, the benefits and costs of implemented systems will be analysed.

Project website

Project partners

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland

Fatman Oy, Finland

Caverion, Finland

European Distributed Energy Resources Laboratories e. V. (DERlab), Germany

Ennovatis GmbH, Germany


Ayuntamiento de Asparrena, Spain

Funding line

EEPOS is co-funded by the European Union within the 7th framework programme