Energy efficiency and renewable energy are the key to sustainable buildings. AIT supports customers in the planning and operation of innovative heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) components.


Our Services

  • Scientific planning support
    • Concept development: potential analysis for the integration of renewable energy sources
    • Design: comparison of different options, shading simulation, comfort analysis
    • Implementation design: detailed assessment, control systems
  • Optimised building operation 
    • Rapid diagnosis and identification of optimisation potentials
    • Identification of energy efficiency measures, e.g. optimised control strategies for HVAC components in building operation without compromising on thermal comfort
    • Validation of energy efficiency measures based on continuous monitoring


Your benefits

  • Cost-efficient operation over the entire building lifecycle
  • Maximum thermal comfort through well-balanced HVAC systems
  • High energy efficiency through peak load reduction and optimised energy consumption