With the introduction of the new EU Directive 2008/96/CE, the Road Safety Inspection (RSI) and Road Safety Audit (RSA) tests become mandatory for the high-ranking road network. With RoadSTAR, the Department has a sophisticated tool for the detailed and high-quality collection of data on road conditions. The Department also uses innovative analysis models for risk assessment and accident prognoses, allowing these tests to be carried out quickly and efficiently and to the highest standards of quality.

RSI and RSA with scientific risk assessment

  • The precise measurement and documentation of the road surface with RoadSTAR delivers high-resolution data on road characteristics, route mapping parameters and road damage
  • Integration with accident data and simulations allows for the risk assessment of a defined section of road, the analysis of the causes of accidents and the prognosis of the risk of accident
  • Using the patented similarity search (MARVin), the existing road network (RSI) as well as planned road projects (RSA) can be investigated from an infrastructure related perspective