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AIT's proprietary analysis and simulation tools allow the correlations between road parameters, vehicle dynamics and accidents to be examined objectively. Route mapping and road condition data are the cornerstones of computer-based risk assessment and are provided by the mobile, hi-tech RoadSTAR measuring instrument.

Using the MARVin risk analysis tool, these road parameters are combined with Statistik Austria accident data for the last sixteen years. Based on complex mathematical and statistical analyses, experts have been able to identify and objectively evaluate fundamental relationships between road parameters and accident risk. This has opened new doors in terms of risk assessment and increasing transport safety.

Computer-based risk assessment and accident prevention

  • Simulation-based determination of causes of accidents based on road conditions, road geometry and vehicle dynamics
  • Creation of detailed accident statistics with graphic representation of accident characteristics and accident risk in digital thematic maps
  • Forecast of accident risk and proposals for targeted measures for effective accident prevention
  • Virtual Black Spot Analysis - based on the parameters of known accident black spots, similar potential danger spots can be identified using intelligent search algorithms and vehicle-infrastructure-interaction simulation
  • Simulation results form the basis for the development and optimisation of active safety systems for vehicles