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MobilesVerkehrsmanagementsystem für Baustellen und Events im Straßenverkehr

a street with traffich cons on the side,next to it is a traffic sign with a car on it.

MOVE BEST is a mobile traffic management system to control traffic and optimization of traffic flows on strategic spots in the road network. It can be used at big events, at very specific work zones or at unplanned events, like accidents, extreme weather events or fire in tunnels.

With the aid of the MOVE BEST system, the traffic situation for certain events can be detected, analysed and displayed, allowing dynamic traffic control. The system involves sensors for traffic data acquisition, LED information panels and mobile application systems. By combining already existing sub-systems in practice with the new transportable LED information panel, the MOVE BEST system can be assembled as a modular construction and employed in real-time scenarios. The energy supply in form of a battery pack and the remote parameterisation through the MOVE BEST App or a web platform ensures a self-sustaining operation for a certain time period.

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