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Alles Rot/ Sofort Grün an signalgeregelten Schutzwegen – Pilotprojekt

(VSF, bmvit)

White car drives along a road, a sign with green letters is recognizable, round bushes and trees grow

A new traffic light algorithm (everything red - green at once) at a button-activated traffic light for pedestrians was installed and tested in a pilot study in Graz, using measurements and questionnaires. Signal-controlled crosswalks with registration buttons for pedestrians (button-activated traffic lights) are a great benefit on main routes and help to make crossing safer, especially for children and elderly people. The standardized case is a permanent “green” for the vehicle traffic on the road. Drivers, approaching a green flashing signal light often try to pass it quickly, to avoid a stop – it may occur that they pass the traffic light when it is already yellow or even red. On the other hand pedestrians trust their traffic routine and cross the road when it is red as well - this is the critical situation at traffic lights in general. The main goals of the project are to demonstrate and validate that (a) dangerous red-light violations of drivers are reduced; (b) the acceptance of the new algorithm both for vehicle users and pedestrians in increasing and (c) the comfort for crossing the road is optimized.

This project is funded by theAustrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology under the Austrian Traffic Safety Funds (ÖsterreichischerVerkehrssicherheitsfondsVSF).



  • AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
  • BOKU UniversitätfürBodenkultur
  • IBV Fallast Transport Planning Consultancy
  • Stadt Graz
Empty crossroads in Graz wirh a pedestrian crossing, on the right side is a restaurant. The Kunsthaus can be seen on the right