Premium Lightmetal Alloys

A comprehensive understanding of micro-metallurgical aspects and their relationship with the macroscopic environment is fundamental to the development of new materials and their processing. Material development at LKR is based on alloy development, taking into account the processes involved in manufacturing components as well as the desired component characteristics. This process is complemented by experimental material and component characterisation.

Thanks to close collaboration with process engineers and specialists in structural design, LKR is able to develop optimum technical, low-energy solutions for its customers. LKR's considerable expertise in both pure research and industrial material development makes it the ideal link between university and industry partners. As such the Department is able to make an important contribution to application-oriented alloy development.

Our services

  • Alloy Development and Optimisation
  • Optimisation of Heat Treatment Parameters
  • Improvement of Mechanical and Dynamic Properties
  • Microstructure Optimisation
  • Mechanical and Thermodynamical Materials Characterisation
  • Metallography

Researchteam Casting Technologies

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Fire-Resistant Magnesium Alloys

LKR scientists have succeeded in developing flame-retardant magnesium alloys.

Picture of the employee Stefan Gneiger


Materials for Tomorrow

LKR Scientist MSc. Stefan Gneiger studies metallic material eg. Magnesium on low inflammability.

"Magnesium alloys play a key role in many industries.“

Stefan Gneiger, Junior Scientist, AIT Center for Mobility



Employee in protective clothing of the lab working on a device.


Light alloys in the Spotlight

process optimisation for alluminium alloys and Magnesium alloys.



Image of an electric vehicle for the "electric rally"


Speed for SME

LKR in Position of cunsulting function for the Integration of lightweight components for electro-rally vehicles.