For many companies security constitutes a complex and elusive subject area. Above all the valuation of security expenses in relation to the engendered benefit (respectively the not occurred damage) poses problems.

The procedure model SecuQUEST has been developed to determine the companies demand for security as well as to establish consciousness for necessary measures.

SecuQUEST is suited for small and medium sized businesses, just as for public organizations and institutions. The tool can easily and efficiently be utilized. Based on the results of a security-analysis customized measure suggestions can be deduced with SecuQuest and a security management system can be implemented to ISO 17799 and 27002.

SecuQUEST covers the following focal topics:

  • Security policy and security organization
  • Control and classification of asset values
  • Security concerning People
  • Object protection
  • Access control
  • Information administration and communication
  • System development and reliability

 Advantages of an Actual state- security-analysis with secuQUEST

  • Time saving through assessment concept
  • Concentration on the implementation of the measures
  • Communication through security will be improved
  • Learning effect of the organization about security topics
  • Motivation of the employees through their participation in a continuous improvement process from the beginning on 
  • Benchmarking (within the company and externally)possible
  • Standardization of the results
  • Preparation for an ISO-17799 certification
  • Adaptability to sectors and the company’s specific exigencies possible

 Support from experts of the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology:

  • Planning and preparation of an Actual state-security- analysis (quantity assessments, selection of the department, definition of the employee group)
  • Execution of secuQUEST analysis
  • Analysis of data and measure recommendation