smart eye UCOS – Universal Counting Sensor

smart eye UCOS is an intelligent, powerful and cost-effective optical sensor for automatic people counting. Even in poor and/or fluctuating light conditions, it is characterised by very high value accuracy for such an extremely compact design. It is suitable for applications in numerous indoor areas, such as shopping centers, shops, museums, public buildings or at fairs.

The smart eye UCOS – Universal Counting Sensor is based on a totally novel sensor technology. Detection is implemented by the intelligent evaluation of changes in brightness in combination with a stereo method. Our sensor is therefore particularly suitable for robust detection and counting of moving persons.

The smart eye UCOS, in comparison to other solutions for people counting, is easy to install and is also characterised by its high accuracy even with high people flow density. In contrast to video solutions, smart eye UCOS does not cause any privacy protection problems as no pictures are recorded. An interface is available for current databases.


  •       Direction-dependent people counting with high accuracy
  •       Data for each person: Direction, data, time and sensor ID
  •       Adjustable time intervals for evaluation
  •       Automatic background adaptation
  •       Insensitive to poor and/or fluctuating light conditions
  •       No shadow problems
  •       Embedded solution including analysis without the need for additional computer hardware
  •       Data interfaces: Serial, Ethernet or offline with memory for at least one month
  •       Simple installation

Acquisition, signal processing and data link in one device. This enables high scalability in a compact design.

The smart eye UCOS delivers counting results which can be directly processed with SQLite database systems.