smart eye TDS is a new, powerful and cost-effective sensor for acquiring traffic data from up to 4 lanes from side or overhead mounted positions. The sensor functions optically and autonomously determines the relevant data for traffic analysis.

The smart eye TDS - Traffic Data Sensor is based on a new, bio-inspired technology. It contains a chip with a matrix of autonomous pixel elements that react individually to any changes in brightness. This makes it particularly suitable for the detection of moving objects such as vehicles. The recorded data is evaluated by an embedded system. An interface is available for current databases. In offline operation, the results can be stored for more than one month.


  •       Up to 4 traffic lanes with one sensor
  •       Side or overhead mounting
  •       Acquisition of inbound and outbound traffic - individual vehicle data with time stamp
  •       Speed
  •       Vehicle class (car/truck)
  •       Net time gaps, occupancy
  •       Statistical evaluation of traffic data at user-defined time intervals
  •       Detection of various traffic flow states
  •       Warnings based on decreasing average speed or time gaps


Service, configuration and remote diagnosis of the traffic data sensor is comfortably supported by the smart eye Center tool.



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