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Strucutal optimisation, Topology Optimisation, Prototyping

Lightweight design seeks for the load-case specific minimization of the components weight in order to obtain an optimized structure. To maximize the lightweight potential the structural optimization has to consider boundary conditions of the manufacturing process and the field of application by means of various optimization methods (e.g. Topography, Topology or target-oriented design). For more realistic optimization setups our scientists also include specifically developed material models.

The structural optimization seeks for the optimal material distribution within a pre-defined design space with respect to boundary conditions, manufacturing processes, material models and loads. Depending on the objective the optimized structure is obtained by means of different software tools (OptiStruct, TopOpt, LsOpt. LsTasC, ANSYS).

Furthermore the AIT is able to produce prototypes of the optimization results for testing, validation and benchmarks with reference parts.

Our services include:

  • Optimization of structures under multiple loads
  • Component design considering manufacturing constraints
  • Application of various optimization algorithms
  • Concept development for the optimum utilisation of material under economic aspects