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Material modelling and Crash Simulation

Material modelling and Crash Simulation of Vehicle Components and Structures

Passenger safety is one of the biggest aspects in the automotive sector. The AIT works in the fields of material model assessment, evaluation and development of specific material cards for lightweight materials both for slow and fast load speeds (strain rate dependency) and their application in the overall design of advanced vehicle components, assemblies and space frame structures of full vehicle concepts - always under consideration of legal requirements and the goal to reach maximum lightweight potential.

Developed design methodologies rest upon latest numerical and analytical calculation tools. In there, material models consider elastic-plastic material models for light metals (wrought, rolled, cast alloys) with complex extensions which in turn consider fracture or damage of the material. Additionally, researchers work on the implementation of routines to capture effects of the stress, strain and temperature history of the manufacturing process of semi-finished materials on the local micro-structure for an even more realistic assessment of the local material behaviour under load.