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Joining Technology and Multi-Material Construction

Alternative vehicle concepts strongly depend on the application and development of innovative joining techniques. As in the new e-mobility weight reduction is commonly achieved with multi-material design. The application of various materials, as for example light metals and polymers, enables to maximize the lightweight potential and ensures the obligatory crash safety.

The accomplishment of a multi-material joint is very challenging as the joint can be weakened by thermal loads, corrosion or excessive stresses in highly loaded areas. Thereforethe AIT particularly pays attention to durability and loads in real-life conditions. The stresses of the joints and its surroundings are analysed with numerical simulations as well as verified and optimized by means of real test samples.

Our services:

  • Development of innovative joining techniques for multi-material design
  • Verification through experimental tests
  • Application of finite element methods for the analysis and optimization of joints
  • Integration of developed numerical models in joining-process, structural and crash simulations