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To ensure future mobility systems AIT experts search to offer solutions for the efficient, safe and environmental compatible transport of people including the production of transport vehicles. Our team of scientists at LKR develop design methodologies, which consider in particular way the characteristics and properties of light metals, the specific production methods and the residual property histories (i.e. residual stress/strain profiles, distortion, uncertainties, etc.).

Projects, which are initiated within the research field of “Material based design”, target the application of light metals in components and assemblies with highest possible performance and maximum lightweight potential.

Cooperation with the automotive, marine and aeronautic industry, according suppliers as well as scientific partners enable a holistic, industrial relevant approach in the realization of set goals. Technical, economical and for implementation relevant targets are approached together with bilateral and multi-lateral partner consortia in “Material Based Design”. Furthermore, industrial relevant solutions for manufacturing are determined.

Our scientists research, develop and use methodologies which enable safe but light structures in single- and multi-material design within the scope of alternative passenger transport concepts with light metals. The methodologies enable to represent manufacturing processes and process histories of semi-finished parts as well as to realize and optimize virtual or real-life demonstrators.

Our research concentrates on the following fields of application:

  • Material adapted lightweight design through material substitution
  • Optimization Topology, Topography, Robustness
  • Additive manufacturing and simulation for light metals
  • Crashsimulation of components, assembliesand vehicles
  • Joining technologies
  • Process simulation
  • Prototyping

Researchteam Simulation

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