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Innovative crowd simulations to analyze complex pedestrian flows in large transit and retail infrastructures

SIMULATE addresses the challenges of the analysis and prediction of complex crowd movement in train stations, urban transit vehicles (e.g. trams and buses), airports, shopping centers, sports stadiums or at event locations. SIMULATE is based on cutting-edge solutions for crowd simulation integrating multiple pedestrian movement models and offers multi-scale analysis: it simultaneously evaluates both aggregated crowd motion of entire public transport networks and detailed pedestrian flows in specific stations.

As a consulting service for assessing different infrastructure and vehicle designs as well as operational concepts, SIMULATE provides quantitative data such as crowd density, walking times, levels of service, evacuation times, boarding and alighting processes, capacity estimations, etc. SIMULATE can take into account existing CAD plans, already performed measurements and prior knowledge. The SIMULATE service is completed with several reporting and intuitive 2D/3D visualization options to present and interpret the results.

SIMULATE optimizes the efficiency, safety and comfort of existing or planned environments. All integrated simulation models are scientifically validated – based on AIT’s long-standing expertise in crowd dynamics and comprehensive real-world datasets of crowd movements measured in several contexts.

Simulate enables to predict crowd flows in different planned designs and allows to:

  • Analyze design impacts during all planning phases of a project
  • Test capacities and evacuation scenarios to identify risks
  • Evaluate operational procedures to optimize safety, efficiency and comfort

SIMULATE is an ideal solution for a wide range of applications including public transit infrastructures and vehicles, airport terminals, multi-story buildings, hospitals, urban planning and event management.