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Advances in technologies and novel transportation services transform the way people live, work, move, and interact with each other. Understanding these changes and their potential implications are important to consider for sustainable urban planning, traffic management and the development of future integrated mobility systems.

AIT‘s research group “Integrated Mobility Systems” aims at facilitating personal independence and mobility, while enhancing the reliability of transport systems and making traveling more efficient. Based on long-standing expertise and novel results from research, AIT offers innovative solutions for impact assessments on different scales, the integrated modelling of various mobility modes and the design of responsive mobility systems, which adapt to individual and collective needs.    

Services & Solutions

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 Findin your way at the airport

"Wayfinding" information is designed to help passengers find their way more easily at airports and railway stations.

Young lady wearing virtual reality glasses going through an empty, simulated station


 Mobility at Innotrans 2016

AIT Experts for the "Dynamic Transportation Systems"- unit presented their most recent Technologies on multimodal mobility systems at the InnoTrans 2016 trade fair.

Animated view of three large glass buildings, some cars on the street and a few people crossing the pedastrian crossing


Permanent Changes in Mobility

AIT Scientists increase with their "Change-lab" the effectivenes to reach transport policy goals.

Dark street with colorful lights representing the passing cars


Greater range of models needed

ELOCOT: Electromobility – given a larger range of vehicle models – offers great potential benefits for the commercial transport sector.