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Development of an RTI Roadmap for the thematic area "shaping personal mobility in an innovative way"

Research, technological development and innovation (RTI) contribute significantly to solutions for mobility-related societal challenges. The development of an RTI Roadmap can help to combine different perspectives of the perception of a desirable future of mobility. For that purpose, the RTI Roadmap "shaping personal mobility in an innovative way" describes strategic framework and intervention logic. It locates short- and medium-term measures and describes medium- to long-term considerations for new functions and intruments. The early and widespread involvement of all relevant stakeholders (policy lab) increases the likelihood of a conversion to value.

Key Words: Roadmap, Multi-Stakeholder, Policy Lab
Start: 09/2014
Dutation: 6 months
Funded by:
 Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie (bmvit)
Petra Wagner