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DNA-Databas in Tulln

AIT operates a DNA bank containing more than half a million DNA samples of plant and animal origin, which are stored under high-tech conditions at -20°C. The service portfolio is supplemented with downstream analyses such as sequencing (Next Generation Sequencing) and genotyping combined with bioinformatics. Find more information and the biological material on www.dnabank.at

Research services

  • Fully automatic quaky assured ayostorage (-20°C and -80°C) of DNA samples including data management
  • Development of specific DNA extraction protocols from different materials depending on requirements (also for high throughput applications)
  • Development and application of genetic markers (SSRs, SNPs) for different genotyping methods, e.g. verification of origin, relatedness analysis, population genetics, species identification
  • Development and spotting of DNA- and protein-based high densfty arrays
  • Comparative transcriptome analysis with a focus on non-model organisms, from RNA extraction to bioinformatic evaluation

    Reference projects:

    • EVOLTREE: stands for EVOLution of TREEs as drivers of terrestrial biodiversity and aims at linking ecology, genetics, genomics and evolution to address global issues that European forests are currently facing.
    • TREES4FUTURE: aims to integrate, develop and improve major forest genetics and forestry research infrastructures.
    • Green Heritage II:  to improve the production base and stand security for the spruce tree in Austria permanently. For this purpose, the genetic background is investigated for certain properties, in order to develop markers which, in turn, can be used for genetically supported breeding strategies.