A child stands at a platform. On the wall opposite it is a blue canvas built with red jellyfish which the boy looks at

shifting paradigms by changing behavior

Ambitious transport-related policy goals like increasing active mobility, reducing motorized private transport and achieving climate targets can only be met if people cease to maintain their behavior habits but change their behavior towards more sustainable patterns. Changes in mobility behavior are however hard to achieve, in particular when applying traditional measures like regulations and incentives, as the desired behavior is often insufficiently reached and undesired side effects may occur.

you can see a stiring wheel of a bike with three options in front of the biker: ride left, go ahead and slow down.

To achieve successful and socially accepted mobility solutions, we explore, develop and evaluate strategies, services and technologies for encouraging behavior change of the identified target groups (see IDENTIFY). Requirements for behavior change (e.g. specific infrastructure, safety, competences, motivation) are investigated to develop targeted policy measures in order to achieve transport policy goals in a more efficient, effective and socially accepted way.

The results are used to develop personalized routing assistant, targeted communication strategies via various media, depending on the needs of the addressed target group (e.g. apps, campaigns, games, personal services).

Our services:

  • Motivation strategies (e.g. gamification, training, communication plans for target group specific motivation: arguments, communication channels, context)
  • Persuasion technologies (e.g. apps or tools designed to change attitudes or behaviors of the users through persuasion and social influence)
  • Intermodal personalized routing (extraction of information matching individual preferences, needs and behavior change objectives)
  • Living Lab methodologies (participation processes, co-creation of solutions incorporating developers, users, research and authorities)