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KOKOSAN (Combined in-situ remediation of soils with PAH and heavy metal contaminations by means of biochar and compost) 

The project KOKOSAN intends to develop an innovative in-situ soil remediation method for mixed contaminated soils by means of high-quality biochar and compost. This technology will be characterized by a very low ecological footprint (sustainable green remediation) that will be achieved by a combined in-situ application of the additives. The migration of organic pollutants and heavy metals towards groundwater will be prevented by sorption to biochar whereas compost supports the microbiological degradation of organic pollutants. The method aims to remediate soils with low to moderate contaminations which remain as residual contamination after a successful remediation of pollutant hotspots. The approach of KOKOSAN is an environmentally friendly and low-cost strategy to treat residual contaminations, to minimize the dispersal of pollutants in the environment and to allow to re-use a site with a favorable ecological footprint by deploying biochar and compost.



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