AIT has set itself the goal of supporting companies in converting to green processes for the production of biobased chemicals. The research services offered cover the entire process chain, from synthesis to separation and product purification through to equipment design. 

Synthesis and the use of green chemicals in industry reduce greenhouse gas emissions, ease the burden on humans and the environment and save costs. AIT experts develop environmentally friendly chemicals for energy generation or environmental purification. The new synthesis and product purification processes enable the cost-effective and sustainable production of valuable raw materials for the chemical industry.



  • Production of 'green chemicals' through chemical bonding of CO2
  • Chemical conversion of  vegetable oils
  • Green purification processes for raw chemicals/bioproducts such as diesel



    • Research Studio Austria RSA Carborg: CO2-based production of organic carbonates
    • ChitoClean (EU FP7): Synthesis and practical application of chitin-based biosorbents for drinking water purification 
    • Russian industry partner: Production of methyl esters from vegetable oils 
    • Austrian industry partner: Purification of raw biodiesel using novel biodegradable natural materials 
    • Eco-efficient optimisation of biodiesel production by innovative methods and utilisation of by-products (EU CRAFT-1999-72319)
    • Austrian industry partner: Feasibility study on electrically assisted microfiltration of protein solutions 



    Zdravka Lazarova 

    Egmont Kattnig

    Bernhard Gahleitner

    Gerald Hörmann

    Magdalena Teufner