Landslides not only pose a serious threat to human safety but also lead to enormous economic damage to infrastructure such as rail tracks or roads. AIT supports policy-makers in the prevention of hazards and in disaster management. State-of-the-art modelling methods are used to generate large-scale hazard maps of mass movements. Hazards from mass movements can thus be taken into account at an early stage of the planning process, e.g. in regional planning. AIT experts also identify and monitor landslides and advise our clients on appropriate remediation measures. 



  • Identification & mapping of mass movements in the field
  • Monitoring of mass movements
  • Consulting and planning of sustainable landslide remediation measures
  • Large-scale modelling of landslide risk
  • Preparation of hazard maps and consulting services



  • CGS: Landslide prevention
  • Sentinel: Landslide monitoring using satellite data
  • Survey, consulting & planning of remediation measures for a slump landslide
  • Hazard maps for mass movements in Burgenland
  • Method development for hazard modelling of mass movements in Lower Austria (MoNOE)



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Philip Leopold

Gerhard Heiss 

Armin Oblin

Othmar Plank

Martin Jung