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We work on appropriate strategic bounding boxes for the transformation of experience driven research towards business design. We investigate experience as key enabler of future business insights and experimental exploitation (e.g. experience as future quality demand and special KPI).

The various developments in the field of digitization and its strategic importance as a key element of future technological, societal and business enablers, is accompanied by the ubiquitous demand to know about existing and upcoming needs from a contextual and user perspective. The demand for scientifically led anticipation, modelling and experimentation of potential products and services is rising.

Experience Oriented Thinking does this from an experience viewpoint taking into account the strategic dimension of User Centered Design, Experience Centered Design, Customer Experience, Service Design as well as Design Thinking. We offer deeply enriched understanding scientific insights towards the multidimensional exploitation and organizational setup of experience as key enabling approach for future innovation. A strong strategic methodology such as the Experience Innovation Lab is available and will be further developed as key mechanism for experience driven new solutions and experimentation with future approaches.

Acceptance as a comprehensive term used in almost all technological advancements is also made tangible based on an advanced Contextual Acceptance Models Toolset. This means validated and contextualized acceptance models to forecast future intention to use and intention to buy.

Our Solutions: